Very fine, this handmade embroidery square by a Miao woman represents a floral motif in a delicate monochrome of pink and fuchsia highlighted with white. Elegant and refined, it will decorate your home with a feminine and authentic touch.UNIQUE AND ANCIENT PIECE, in perfect condition except for a slight discoloration of the background fabric, normal for a...

49,00 €

Splendid wall decoration with a handmade central embroidery, from an old Miao baby carrier, ethnic group from Southwest China. The embroidery, made of superposed and embroidered fabrics, represents phoenixes, a symbol of protection and fidelity often used by Miao.UNIQUE AND ANCIENT PIECE, in very good condition (discrete traces of wear, normal on a piece...

99,00 €

This very old traditional Yunnan baby carrier is an antique that bears the traces of its use through several generations, which gives it all its authenticity. The motifs, flowers and butterflies are made of superimposed fabrics of different colours.UNIQUE AND ANCIENT PIECE.

350,00 €

This beautiful baby carrier is entirely hand embroidered. This type of embroidery, rare and complicated, requires great skill and precision. The embroideries are in perfect condition and have kept the freshness of their colours, only a few traces of wear on the fabric confirm that it is an old piece that had its first life as a baby carrier and gives it...

380,00 €

Miao Wall Hanging: Entirely hand-embroidered, this hanging is an assembly of pieces intended for the back part of a Miao jacket from the Shidong region, Guizhou. Antique embroidery, it is mounted on a black cotton fabric with handles to pass bamboos to hang it on the wall.This antique embroidery will give authenticity and originality to your interior....

70,00 €

Beautiful old and fully hand-embroidered apron of the Dong ethnic group. Typical of this craft, all in a monochrome of pastel colors, it is mounted by us on a black fabric with 3 handles that allow you to pass a bamboo to hang it on the wall. In a perfect state of preservation, it will give your interior an ethnic and original aspect that you will not...

85,00 €

Dragon Bleu wall hanging: Splendid wall decoration with a handmade central embroidery, from an old Miao baby carrier, ethnic group from Southwest China. UNIQUE AND ANTIQUE PART, in very good condition (discrete traces of wear, normal on a part that has had a first life).

99,00 €

Black Flower Embroidery: Very old apron of the Miao ethnic group from southwest China, hand embroidered in a shade of beige and old pink on a black background, originally worn over the traditional skirt.UNIQUE HANDMADE PIECE. ANTIQUITY.

39,00 €

Blue Butterfly Square: This old decorative apron of the Miao ethnic group is hand embroidered with bright and freshly coloured butterflies and flowers. In perfect condition, this old embroidery has nevertheless known a first life in the traditional costume of a Miao woman. We can see that 2 small mirrors are missing.UNIQUE AND ANCIENT PIECE.

49,00 €

Old traditional apron of Yunnan and Hmong Miao worn over women's skirts and fully embroidered by hand. Very nice shades of orange and yellow underlined with different green. Elegantly mounted on a colored cotton, it is equipped with 2 handles above and below to pass a bamboo or a wooden rod.

39,00 €

Old hand-embroidered apron of the Dong ethnic group living in southern Guizhou. The distinctive design, square on the outside and round on the inside, is reminiscent of Tibetan mandalas. It is here exceptionally decorated with Chinese characters and small characters. In excellent condition, it still keeps its original bright colors.

89,00 €

Old Dong ethnic apron fully embroidered by hand, in a beautiful harmony of greens and pale roses and delicate and varied embroidery. Excellent condition embroidery and some traces of wear (small missing mirrors) for this piece having been worn.

80,00 €
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