Ethnic accessories to emphasize your look. Whereever it is classic, rock or bohemian, add a touch of originality with embroidered accessories !

All bags, purses, cases are UNIQUE PIECES as they are made out of recycled clothing.

This collection is born from our love for Miao and Hmong embroideries. Miao and Hmong belong to the same ethnic group, primarily found in southwest China but lives also in neighbouring courntires, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thaïland. A large community also settled in French Guyana.

Art of jewellry maintained essentially in China, but the embroidery is still a very living art as illustrated by the magnificent and very varies traditional costumes.

For the making of our products, we work directly with some small workshops located north of ThaÏland, and we ensure that good work conditions are respected.

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