Rigid necklace and traditional necklace of the Miao ethnic group. Its simple simplicity allows to wear it with all the outfits, it easily matches with all the smooth earrings.For a classic or bohemian look, very easy to wear on a neckline or sweater or even under a blouse, elegant and sober.

29,00 €

Rigid torque round to the back, flattened and engraved with vegetable arabesques on the front. In the center hangs a small movable spiral that gives fluidity. Wide, it is particularly good for women with generous breasts.

35,00 €

Rigid crew neck delicately engraved with a stylized dragon and phoenix, symbol of the alliance of Yin and Yang. Can be worn as easily on a summer neck as on a turtleneck sweater.Elegant and original, its engraved aspect affirms its ethnic origin. Traditional miao crafts.

32,00 €

3 full rows finely engraved with a dragon and a phoenix, symbol of the alliance of yin and yang. Closing typically Miao.Rigid collar, crew neck, to wear on a neckline or turtleneck, elegant and refined, it gives an ethnic look to your chic or casual outfits.

55,00 €

Lightweight torque made of 2 hollow rings. Closing typically Miao. Easily worn on a neckline or high-neck sweater to give your outfits a chic ethnic look.

49,00 €

Torque hollow, lightweight, typically Miao closure. 

35,00 €
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