Traditional Miao ceremonial torque with carved decoration representing the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Hollow and lightweight. Handmade.For an original and ethnic decoration.Silver plated copper. Dimensions: H 31 cm, L 29 cm. Weight: 380 gr.

120,00 €

Miao dragon phoenix necklace: Big torque of Miao ceremony that is worn during the many Miao celebrations by women in large traditional costume. Hollow and lightweight.The central medallion represents the dragon and the phoenix, a combination of two symbolic animals very common in Miao jewellery and embroidery, and representing the Yin/Yang couple.

150,00 €

Miao Ceremony Necklace: Traditional torch worn during major celebrations when Miao women wear their beautiful holiday costumes. 3 flat rows with chiseled floral decoration.Splendid suspended in a frame to give authenticity and originality to your interior. Chic ethnic decoration.Silver plated alloy. Dimensions: H 30cm, L 27cm. Weight: 550 gr.

180,00 €

Imposing torque composed of 5 hollow rings of increasing size, engraved with the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. Thickness 3cm. Closing with a flat band hung on rings and decorated with 3 cones Magnificent wall decoration.

110,00 €
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