Traditional Nepal: Based on the traditional codes of Tibetan and Nepalese craftsmanship, this fancy necklace with turquoise, coral and lapis inlays will appeal to women who love ethnic and colorful jewellery.

25,00 €

Turquoise Necklace: Fine and delicate, this turquoise shirred necklace will go well with women and very young girls who love a fancy, ethnic and discreetly coloured touch. To be combined with small earrings or a bracelet to make a pretty set. Tibetan craftsmanship.

15,00 €

Ethnic Colors: Fancy necklace with three symbolic colors of Nepalese handicrafts, turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli. Both ethnic and very original with a modern side, this pendant will brighten up your more classic outfits. At 49 cm, it will go particularly well with large breasts.

35,00 €

Turquoise Fantasy: A medallion set in the old-fashioned way, in reconstituted turquoise, certainly but which has its effect, which will match both classic and colourful outfits. Crafts from Nepal.

20,00 €

Large Drop: Pretty silver plated metal pendant adorned with small Himalayan stones: turquoise, coral and lapis, mounted on a necklace made of small lapis pearls and some blue and red resin pearls. The elegant and sober ethnic group, typical of Tibetan craftsmanship.

20,00 €

Fantasy Yellow: Original and colorful, this costume jewelry will bring a touch of ethnic colors to your outfits whether they are casual, bohemian or more classic. Crafts from Nepal.

25,00 €

Original Tibet: Splendid necklace with turquoise and coral dominating with a little lapis. Typical of Tibetan craftsmanship, with a brightly colored pendant for women who love ethnic and colorful jewelry.

35,00 €

Silver and Turquoise Necklace: Short, short-necked necklace, with delicate metal work and inlays of small turquoise and coral fragments. Very handmade work, typical of Tibet and Nepal. Ethnic and colourful, it will appeal to original women who love craftsmanship that asserts itself as such! It will be perfect for the very young necks.

79,00 €

Tibetan Princess Princess Necklace: A Tibetan artisanal necklace, predominantly coral with a turquoise medallion. A real princess necklace, to wear close to the neck for an evening on a beautiful black dress to be elegant and refined, or to contrast with a casual outfit, T-shirt and jeans. an exceptional piece!

115,00 €

Turquoise Necklace: This long, elegant and refined fancy necklace will be worn in a necklace. It is very light and comfortable. Tibetan craftsmanship.

59,00 €

Turquoise and Lapis Blue Ornament: Beautiful short necklace with turquoise and lapis lazuli inlays. Elegant and refined, it will bring a touch of colour and nuance to your décolleté. It will also be worn over a high collar sweater. A real princess necklace, ethnic and chic! Traditional Tibetan craftsmanship.Silver plated and stones.

95,00 €

Ethnic necklace coral: round pendant in silver plated, decorated with coral and turquoise, in the colors of the Tibetan jewels. For women who like an ethnic and colorful look.

32,00 €

Ethnic Nepal: a very light metal necklace hammered and encrusted with small splinters of turquoise stones, coral and lapis lazuli on a thread of beads strung (turquoises, coral, lapis and silver metal). Ethnic and discreetly colored, this necklace will bring a slight touch of originality.

20,00 €

Ethnic Himalaya: colorful fantasy necklace, Nepalese handicrafts. Silver plated pendant with small pieces of turquoise, coral and lapis lazzuli. This delicate and beautifully worked necklace will be perfect on a plain sweater or a neckline to add an original and ethnic touch to your more classic outfits.

20,00 €

Necklace Nepal: a delicate blend of turquoise, coral and amber for a guaranteed Himalayan ethnic effect. Discover also our other collections: Miao jewelry, Hmong, embroidered jewelry, Tibetan jewelry, ethnic bags ....

20,00 €
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