Bronze Buddha: Statue of Buddha in ancient bronze. Origin China.The meaning of the hand gesture is the gift (variant, usually the right hand is completely open).We found it at a flea market on our travels.Dimensions: height 27cm, width 17cm, depth 10 cm. Weight: 2.3 kg.

140,00 €

Buddha in the bowl. Copper statue. Recent production.Bhumisparsha Mudra: the right hand pointing towards the ground is the gesture of taking the earth as a witness for determination. The left hand carries the alms bowl.

60,00 €

Ancient Buddha Karana. Ancient bronze with traces of past lives.Karana Mudra: With the index finger and little finger pointing towards the sky and the other fingers joining the palm, this position is that of the conjuration of evil and the distance from demons and negative energies.

140,00 €

Magnificent polychrome Buddha cloisonné. In copper and enamels. Ancient and rare piece!Bhumisparsha mudra: Gesturing the earth to witness when the Buddha is enlightened.We found him at a flea market. It has a slight imbalance to the rear.

180,00 €
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