Traditional Miao Jewelry - Ancient Craftsmanship and Cultural Richness


Miao people have always been renowed silversmiths. The origin of this Art goes back very far in history and tradition of the Miao ethnic group. And women from this group are renowed all over China for the extraordinary wealth of their embroidered festive costumes, and for their impressive ornaments which give away their geographic origin. Ornaments are transmitted from generation to generation and are cocooned by the women of the family.

Historically, Miao jewellery used to be made out of melted silver coins. Women therefore wore a part of the family patrimony and proclaimed their social status. Nowadays, most of the jewellery are made of an alloy of several metals, including silver-plated copper and zinc. Each crafstman makes it's own models and uses his own techniques, engraving, hammering, filigree... certain reproduce and create according to the tradition, others are more modern... thus the variety of inspirations ! (cf blog : a few recurrent symbols).

We work since ten years directly with the crafstmen of one specific village, totally in a fair trade experience, and consequently we have been able to help them truly improve the quality of the alloy and plating they use, which are now of very high quality. Our Miao jewellery does not contain nickel. Some minor imperfections or differences between one piece to another are the sign of a truly genuine handcraft.

Per ethic choice, we do not intervene in the creation, but we require adjustments, of size or weight for example, so that this wonderful jewellery can take place in our western world and match perfectly with our ethnic, bohemian, chic or classical looks with an original touch.

To wear Miao jewellery is to claim your love of authenticity and well done work. You will find the perfect jewellery, amongst the raw traditional pieces and the delicacy of lace, to enhance your image.

To be noted :

- earrings are really, very lightweight !

- traditional hooks for earrings (with the small spiral) are made in alloy. For sensitive ears, you may require silver 925 hooks, or even clips, simply by sending us a message with your order ; this is a service, we do not charge fees.

- concerning pendants, we can assemble them on a cable or a chain to your convenience. If you wish another assembling than the one shown on the photo, simply add a little message to your order.

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