With their stones, turquoise, coral, lapis-lazzuli, amber... jewellery from Himalaya is luminous and coloured. It includes what it commonly called in China Tibetan jewellery, from the Autonomous Region of Tibet, Nepal, northern India, in other words from all the foothills of the majestuous montain that dominates our planet.

Jewellery is made out of silver-plated copper, or in some cases brass. Central pieces are ornated with small stone pieces, but the balls are in coloured resin or in reconstructed stone.

Malas are rosaries made of 108 beads. They are used in tibetan buddhism for mantras recitation. They can be made from very varied materials, wood, stone, seeds, bone, horn... Tibetans wear them either as necklaces or enrolled several times around the wrist.

They are assembled on a waxed cotton thread, and closed by a sliding knot that allows to open the mala and to release the beads. This may also allow to gain the few necessary centimeters to roll them one more time around the wrist.

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