What is jewellry made of ?

Our jewellry is essentially made of copper and silver.

I do not have pierced ears and I would like to wear earrings with clip-on.

Chine indigo is able to mount all earrings with clip-ons. To achieve this, you need to mention it when processing your order in the « precisions on order », section we will then send you the earrings with clip-ons.

I have a very small (or a large) wrist. How can I be sure that the chosen bracelet will fit me ?

Opened up bracelets are all slighty malleable and can adapt themselves to all wrists.

  1. Concerning closed bracelets, it is often the passing through of the hand that may be problematic. The diameter of closed bracelets is mentioned, you may wish to refer to a bracelet that you already own to compare sizes and thus be sure to put it on.

Concerning the flexible and long bracelets that fasten, several sizes are available. You may use « choose the size » in the article page. Otherwise, we will automatically send you the medium size.

How to clean the jewellery ?

The jewellery does not tolerate solvents (alcohol, cosmetics, perfumes, agressive cleaning products like bleach, ammonia...) and should not be worn in sea water nor in swimming pools.

You can clean them very simply with toothpaste or even soapy water and then rub them with a dry cloth, to make them shine.

How can I clean the bag (or wallet, glasses box, bolero) that I bought ?

Bags, wallets, purses, are made from ancient broideries and consequently are more fragile than a brand new bag.

We advise you to wash them by hand or to simply rub them externally with a small brush and soapy water.

Wallets, purses and glasses bixes should never be machine washed. Some of the textile can loose their colors and it is not advised to wash them the first time with your usual laundry. Chine indigo cannot be held responsible for washing damages.

The bag (wallet, purse, glasses box, bolero) that I bought already has wear marks.

Articles with textile sold by Chine indigo are made out of ancient fabrics and broideries. Most of the time these are from recycled old clothes embroidered by hand and have been worn by the women who made them. Despite the care brought by Chine indigo to select the best pieces, it may happen that wear marks remain visible. These marks are the sign of the authenticity of these fabrics and broideries and give an additional 'soul' to your bag (purse, wallett...) : since the fabric has had a life before hand, handmade by anf for a Miao woman to her taste, it gives the pieces a unique cachet.


I placed an order and I have no news.

When you order, Chine indigo sends you a confirmation that your order has been duly registered. When your order is sent, you will receive a second message informing you that your order has been sent, with a tracking number from the postal services which allows you to track your parcel on the dedicated internet site.

In case of a late arrival, please contact us, by mail [email protected].

The chosen bracelet is too small or too large.

Chine indigo accepts the returns and exchanges up to 14 days after the date of order. You can send us back your bracelet (postal charges at your expense) and we will send you back a bracelet at your size if it exists. Otherwise we will offer you either a swap with another model, or a reimbursement.

The product I bought does not suit me.

Chine indigo accepts returns and exchanges up to 15 days after you receive your order. You can return your item (delivery fee at your expense, brand new items in their original packaging) and we will reimburse you within 5 days after the reception either directly on your account if you paid with Paypal or with your credit card, or via check if you chose this payment method.

By clicking of the link withdrawalform you will find a form to fill in and to attach to your return if you so wish.

My parcel has arrived damaged.

Chine indigo takes a specific care to pack the products that you have ordered in the most careful way. If the parcel is handed over to you and you see that it is damaged, refuse it and send it back to the sender without expenses.


I do not like to use my credit card on internet.

Chine indigo cooperates with Paypal in order to secure your payment on internet on https protocol. However, you also have the possibility to send us a cheque. The shipping of your oder will then be made as soon as we receive the cheque.

I wish to make a gift.

During the ordering process, you have the possibility to ask a gift packaging, and to mention a delivery address different to your billing address.

I have placed an order, payed with Paypal, but my account has not been debited.

It seems that you have not completed the ordering process until the final confirmation. We invite you to start your order again.

I wish to modify my contact information.

Your contact information (address, phone number...) are available in the section 'My account'. You connect yourselves with your email and your password and then you have access to your contact details and you can modify them.

I wish to consult my earlier orders.

Your earlier orders are listed in the section My account > History of orders.

I have forgotten my password.

If you have forgotten your password, Chine indigo will send you a new one to your mail.

Are my personal data used to other purposes ?

Chine indigo commits itself to secure your personal data ans to NEVER give them away to any other internet operators for whatever reason.

I wish to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the newsletter.

You can at any time subscribe to our newsletter and you will then receive all the information on new products, promotions, sales, new articles or photos published in the blog … To unsubscribe, simply clik on the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

I do not find a reply to my question in this FAQ.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly, by mail at We will be happy to reply to your questions.