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Flower embroidery :Bright and cheerful, these hand-embroidered earrings are typical of Miao (or Hmong) crafts. They will add an ethnic and colorful touch to your looks. Embroidery recycled traditional costumes. Very light. UNIQUE PIECE. 

35,00 €

Ancient Red Embroidery: Large pendant with ancient embroidery, recycled, handmade and from the crafts of Miao women who traditionally embroide their clothes. Imposing, it will dress a plain sweater or add an ethnic and authentic touch to a sober outfit.  UNIQUE PIECE ! Fair trade.

69,00 €

Handmade Earrings Wheels: Creation of the traditional Miao handicraft, minority ethnic group of the S-O of China. Two circles nested one inside the other, perpendicular. Nice effect in the movement. For women who like moose elegance and yet discreet.

25,00 €

Hmong colors: This splendid colorful bracelet, entirely handmade, comes from Miao -or Hmong- handicraft, and covered with old embroidery, recycled from traditional women's clothing. UNIQUE PIECE from our fair trade with a Miao village in southwest China (since 2009)

49,00 €

 A very beautiful pair of earrings typical of the traditional handicraft work of the Miao of Guizhou. Ethnic and very feminine, these curls are also very light both in weight and visual appearance. The watermark gives them a lot of delicacy.Height: 6cm, weight: 10 gr. per pair.

29,00 €

Turquoise patchwork and hemp case : a very nice colored and practical kit, with a hemp background and a wide patchwork band of old embroideries of the Hmong or Miao ethnic group. Its 6 cm wide base makes it ideal for make-up products but it can also easily contain pens or pencils. Inside pocket.

19,00 €

Ethnic Miao: Earrings in volume with a handmade embroidery, typical of the craft of the miao women of Guizhou. Bright with their bright red color, these earrings will illuminate your face and can be worn daily thanks to their lightness (10 grams per pair). For a colourful ethnic look or to brighten up a classic outfit.SINGLE PIECE.

39,00 €

Bronze Buddha: Statue of Buddha in ancient bronze. Origin China.The meaning of the hand gesture is the gift (variant, usually the right hand is completely open).We found it at a flea market on our travels.Dimensions: height 27cm, width 17cm, depth 10 cm. Weight: 2.3 kg.

140,00 €


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