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Ethnic Miao: Earrings in volume with a handmade embroidery, typical of the craft of the miao women of Guizhou. Bright with their bright red color, these earrings will illuminate your face and can be worn daily thanks to their lightness (10 grams per pair). For a colourful ethnic look or to brighten up a classic outfit.SINGLE PIECE.

39,00 €

Miao Butterfly Brooch: A pretty ethnic and colorful butterfly brooch, to brighten up your outfits with an original and very feminine touch. This brooch comes from Miao craftsmanship, and is decorated with an antique embroidery typically Miao recycled from traditional costume, which gives it an extra soul. UNIQUE HANDMADE PIECE.

39,00 €

Miao Fabric Hairpick: An elegant and very feminine accessory for an original hairstyle and a bun to be modified every day. Its bright colours will illuminate the hair. The handmade handmade embroidery is recycled from traditional Miao clothing.unique piece.

19,00 €

Earrings shaped like stylized birds. Very modern and original.

29,00 €

This slightly matte and already patinated cuff, about 5.5 cm wide, dresses the wrist as well as the middle of the forearm. The intertwining of strips gives it a lot of visual relief and will delight women who love big bracelets with a very marked ethnic and artisanal look.

45,00 €

Ethnique Chic backpack: An elegant, original and refined backpack with its blend of leather and cotton and its central pocket in traditional embroidery. It is not only beautiful but also practical with 7 pockets, 4 of which have zippers. To adopt an urban ethnic look that is both chic and casual.UNIQUE PIECE.

79,00 €

Miao Large Colours Bracelet: A magnificent cuff in bright colours made of traditional embroidery, recycled from miao women's clothing. To brighten up a classic outfit and add colour to your ethnic look.Adjustable to all wrists. UNIQUE PIECE.

55,00 €


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