Chine indigo

Rose Flower : This splendid embroidered pendant is typical of Miao craftsmanship in its form and in its traditional embroidery. For a chic, original and unique ethnic look. Entirely handmade. Can be mounted on chain or cable as desired (specify when ordering). UNIQUE PIECE.

59,00 €

A pair of light and original earrings, with the delicate work typical of Miao craftsmanship with an ethnic and original look, all in finesse. Composed of two rounded triangles in superposition and beautifully worked pendants, they move well and give movement to the face.Height: 4.5 cm. Weight: 8,5 gr. per pair.

29,00 €

Ethnic Cuff Bracelet: Elegant and refined, this beautiful wide bracelet adorned with a refined and geometric embroidery, handmade, is typical of Miao crafts. Recycled, this embroidery traditionally decorates women's clothing. UNIQUE PIECE.

55,00 €

Embroidered blue : Large embroidered buckles from Miao craftsmanship. Antique embroidery recycled from traditional clothing. Ethnic mode.UNIQUE PIECE.They are quite long  and will therefore be suitable for tall women.Length: 7,5 cm, weight: 23 gr. per pair.

39,00 €


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