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The China Indigo team and their customers are helping a village of craftsmen reduce their precariousness. Very well.

But the founder, Véronique de Buyser, always wanted to go further. Indeed, close to "her" village, some communities continue to live in even more difficult conditions. The central government has much to do to develop the country, and minorities, as everywhere, will be the last to take advantage of the economic expansion.

To take one example, a nearby hilltop village still does not have access to water due to lack of a well. The locals have to walk two hours to reach a water point.

Chine Indigo sales alone are not enough to cover all the problems. An Association will therefore be created, in order to finance specific actions. We will then describe these actions as progress is made, in complete transparency.

Chine Indigo will donate a portion of its sales to initiate the funding pot, and the Association will call all good wills to participate : those who had the chance to visit the region, those who discovered the Miao ethnic group in the TV show « Rendez-vous en terre inconnue » (« meeting in unknown land ») starring Clovis Cornillac meeting the Miao, institutions, NGO helping the asian minorities, all those who think that sustainable development should be offered to each population.

Thanks to the money collected, the Association and its relays on the spot will organize the necessary actions (for example, in the case of the well : the studies, the digging, the administrative formalities...)

To follow soon ...


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